Tips for Keeping Your Coffee Maker in Perfect Condition

Your coffee maker is your everyday friend that deserves some attention and love. In order for your machine to continue working properly and delivering you the best and most delicious cups of coffee on a daily basis it is must that you clean it continuously and that you always pay attention to even the smallest details when it comes to its appearance. Take a look at the following tips that will help you keep your coffee machine always working like a charm!

Here are the easiest tips to follow and have your coffee always fresh and your machine always good.

1- Clean your coffee machine continuously.

It is important to always maintain your machine working on a clean state. It is not safe or even healthy to continuously brew coffee on a machine that is not cleaned often. Manufactures like Keurig, recommend the cleaning of their single serve coffee makers at least every six months. It is not healthy because old coffee particles stay in the glass and end up adding themselves to your freshly brewed coffee. These particles usually add a bad taste on your coffee. Therefore, in order to taste the best coffee possible it is important you clean the pot often!

2- Clean your pot properly.

Just adding water will not be very helpful. In fact what you need to do is to add some detergent inside of the pot and fill in with hot water. Let it sit for about half an hour that way all of the particles will be gone. When the time is up pour the soapy water on the sink and fill in the pot with clean water to rinse. Make sure you do not burn yourself, after all your tempered glass coffee pot might still be quite warm. Rinse thoroughly so no soap will be left on the pot, otherwise you could have it spoil your next coffee. Your can read further here for more tips and updates.

3- Make sure you also clean the outside on a weekly basis.

Have you ever touched any kitchen item that has been covered in oil, smoke and also dust from weeks on end? Well, it is certainly not nice since the object will look and feel very sticky and sometimes greasy. In order to avoid such a bad thing from happening to your lovely coffee machine make sure you dust your machine every day. If your coffee machine is sticky or with some stains you can clean it with a combination of water and vinegar. You should blow the liquid on the outside of the pot and then pass a damp cloth all over, that way you will be able to remove the dust, the oil and any other dirt that might be on the outside area of the coffee pot.

coffe maker

Therefore always keep an eye out for any dirt that is on your coffee pot, after all, you should always keep an eye out for any possible stains that way you will always keep the machine clean and ready for your next brew.