Popper Roasting Tips

Roasting coffee was made much easier thanks to the traditional and very easy to find poppers. Poppers have been used to make popcorn! However, you can add your coffee beans and have a wonderful result. However, in order to obtain the best results it is important you follow some rules before throwing your beans and turning the stove on. Take a look at this article and learn the most important tips on how you can have your coffee freshly roasted on a daily basis without making any mistakes.

Roast at will!When using a popcorn pan to have your beans roast it is important to know that there are different levels. You can have a light roast or a dark roast, it depends on your taste. The more you roast the stronger your coffee will taste.

Get intimate with your popper. It is important to always test your popper before adding large quantities of coffee beans on it. You should also understand that your popper will work in a way with your popcorn and another way with coffee. It is important you test by adding a little bit of coffee beans and then turning the stove on. Leave it there for a few minutes and keep track of what happens to your beans.

• Do they roast too much? Perhaps the fire is too high
• Do they take forever to roast? Perhaps the stove was not turned on high enough.
• The beans burn!

Maybe the quality of your pan is not the best.

There are so many details that should be considered when roasting for the first times…Never forget to test! It is a must!

Do not be afraid of the dark…black beans…During the first trials you still might burn your coffee beans (even when you believe you know your popper for long enough). This might happen because it takes 3 to 5 trials in order for you to understand how you like your coffee beans best.

Never give up. Do not be afraid of trying, burning your beans may happen every once in a while, however people who have their own beans roasted on a day to day basis believe that their coffee does taste much nicer. It is a great way to enjoy your coffee and also to spend some time as a kitchen chef!


Have saving money as a nice plus. If you are looking for yet another reason to learn how to properly use your proper think about all of the money you would be able to save on a monthly basis if only you roasted your coffee beans home. In fact people can save hundreds of dollars per month because getting unroasted coffee is much cheaper and much nicer. You can now roast the right amount of coffee you need and when you need. Experience the right flavor, if you roast coffee home you will always be able to enjoy the fresh and very delicious taste that only coffee has.