Easy life hack your Keurig coffee machine

Keurig coffee machines are one of the hottest currently on the market and any home who has a coffee-worshiper has one, but one thing that can be difficult is troubleshooting these coffeemakers. They are not super simple machines like good old Mr. Coffee, that said there are ways that anyone at home can do some simple trouble shooting and regular maintenance of their Keurig.

Descaling really is easy: Descaling is something that you should think of as regular maintenance and should be done preferably before you get a notice to do so. If you regularly descale your coffee machine you are going to prolong the life of it by a fair amount and also make sure you get a tasty cup of java in the morning. So how do you do it? You need your Keurig, some clean water, a vessel for it and some white vinegar, easy enough supplies. Here are the steps

Water reservoir: Take the reservoir out of the Keurig and clean it as well as you can manage in the sink. If you notice that a good hard scrub is still not getting all of the scaling you will need to fill it up with the white vinegar and then allow it to sit overnight, then again in the morning scrub it again.

Pump lines: This is important to do after you have already cleaned your reservoir so you do not end up pumping more sediment to cause scale into the lines. Fill up the reservoir with the white vinegar make sure the K-cup and the removable piece for it are removed from the machine and run the Keurig. Once you have run it once, run vinegar through the lines again, however when you hear the coffee machine start to spit out the water or vinegar as it were, turn the power off and trap the vinegar in the lines. Then allow it to sit for an hour or more.

Flush it: Once the soak is complete turn the machine back on and allow the vinegar to run through the machine fully again. Once you have all the vinegar brewed out you will want to rinse your reservoir very well and then brew plain water through the coffee machine several times. Once you can’t smell the vinegar anymore you are finished and you should be ready to go.

Final tip: One final tip to keep in mind when descaling is that if you would prefer a lesser vinegar smell or do not like to use vinegar at all you can use a baking soda and water mixture instead. It is always preferable to use vinegar at least on the first run through but if for the second pass where you trap the liquid in the lines you would prefer something that will deodorize go ahead and try a nice solution of a bit of baking soda in with water in the lines. It is still natural and will get the job done on your Keurig brewer.