Dark Roast vs Light Roast

If you are a coffee lover it is always interesting to know more regarding of what you are actually drinking. When it comes to coffee there are so many details, so many flavors, so many smells that lovers end up having a hard time to choose which kind of coffee is their favorite. However, when it comes to the coffee roast it is simply a must to know what kind best pleases your taste buds. In fact, there are three very obvious roast types:

• Light roast
• Medium roast
• Dark roast

What is the big difference after all?

Their names are obvious, but their meanings are not so! Most people believe that light is just a batch of beans that was not roasted so much, however this is not all. It is important to understand the differences in a deep way, that way you will be able to make the right decision when choosing your coffee next time.

• Light roast – Obviously light roasted beans were not roasted for as long as medium or even the dark type. The lighter roast contains higher levels of caffeine, because the more the beans are roasted the lesser the caffeine will be. The light roast keeps the properties of the coffee beans for longer. It is by far the greatest option for those who would like to enjoy the true taste of the region that the beans come from. The flavors are extremely influenced by the soil, the area where the coffee beans were grown and also the climate. Most light coffees are named after the region where the beans came from, or even the name of the plantation itself.

• Medium roast – Like the name already suggests this stays in
between the light roast and the dark roast. It allows the drinker to feel a little bit of a bitter ting at the end of every single sip. The flavors are slightly mixed and the flavor itself is indescribable. There are a great range of medium roast blends available on the market these days, in particular within the single serve coffee niche.

• Dark roast–the original flavor of the bean blends with the taste of the whole roasting process, giving the beans a whole new flavor. In this case, most coffee packages are named after the roasting process that was applied, after all there are different methods. For example we have the Italian roast, the French roast and so on. The taste of the dark roast is stronger hence the fact that the bean’s flavor will blend to the roasting according to the chosen roasting method.More detailed information can be found in her latest blog post.

Dark coffee

What is the best roast after all?

There is no such thing as the best or the worst roast. In fact it depends on each and every person. The roasts are amazing and in order to find out which one is best for you make sure you try them all! This is the only way to say which one will be better for you.

Most people grow used to a specific kind, however there are some coffee lovers that would never be able to live without all of the different options available on the market today.