Coffee Blending Strategies

Coffee and perfume were never this close before. It is known that depending on the coffee blend the drinker will be able to experience a whole new thing, that will make his taste buds explode from so much taste. It is also know that in order for people to enjoy such different tastes and feelings the coffee must have something done to it differently whenever it is roasted.

Here is the explanation!

Coffee does taste different when it comes to mixing types and creating new blends. It happens due to the fact that these blends are created having two different kinds of coffee as the base. The main objective here is to mix two different types of coffee that do taste nice to achieve a third option that is even better. It is also possible to add certain notes to the final product and have coffee that is slightly more acidic, coffee with nut notes, and also cinnamon type of coffee. The aromas may also differ depending on the blend, that is why people often get so enchanted by simply getting a sniff of such amazing drink.

What is the blending process like?

Companies have professional creators smell and taste certain types of coffee. From there these professionals decide which types would blend better together, and then create a better option for the consumer. The companies then start testing and mixing different percentages of coffee together in order to get the best results.

Sometimes the tests work and sometimes they simply do not. There are several different coffee shops that offer different flavors with hints. Here are some of the most famous coffee blending elements:

• Bright coffee
• Acidic coffee
• Floral coffee
• Citrusy coffee
• Cinnamon(notes) on coffee
• Nut( tones) on coffee

Coffee and perfumes do have a lot alike!

Why is blending bad?

For companies blending is never a bad thing! In fact blending is a very good technique to save money, after all the companies will mix in different kinds of coffee together and say that the result is exclusive and amazing, therefore raising the prices. With saving money in the production and earning more cash while selling, coffee producers certain get a lot of money. And of course remember that no matter how good your blending is, always use good quality coffee beans and make sure your coffee brewer is kept clean and well maintained.

Is it possible to try coffee blending at home?

Yes, very possible. In fact coffee blending is very common among those who have some knowledge regarding the tones of coffee. The possibilities are endless, after all, you can pretty much add anything you have home in order to create a brand new blend that will please you a lot. Here is the recipe on how you can create the right blend.for more information go to the official website.

Young Woman Girl Using Laptop Drinking Coffee

Add the following proportion when creating blends home.

• 25% central American based coffee.
• The coffee’s higher and main note should be responsible for more 50% of the blend
• The remaining 25% should be the low note. Here you can add chocolate, caramel, nuts, cinnamon and several other ingredients.

You can also take a look at the following link and learn a little bit more regarding the main and most famous coffee blends of the world.