Coffee Bean Grinder

If you’re looking to buy a coffee bean grinder, then this is a great place for general information on them. You’ll need to be aware of a couple of things when it comes to buying a coffee grinder. For starters, the taste of your roast will be largely dependent upon the texture of the coffee bean grind, which is why you’ll want to make sure that you buy a coffee grinder that’s going to offer different grind settings.

Firstly, what exactly is a Coffee Bean Grinder?

The most popular type of coffee grinder is a blade coffee grinder. This type of grinder usually has a compartment called a “hopper” or a plastic casing in which a motorized blade spins within it. Because of their mechanical simplicity, usually with not much more than an off and on switch, they usually work the best.

The major drawback with this type of coffee bean grinder is that they have a tendency grinding the beans inconsistently – which is something you dont get a problem with systems like those made by Keurig and Tassimo. With this type of coffee grinder, the most common method of changing the size of the coffee granules is to vary the amount of time that you allow the grinder to run; the shorter the time frame the larger the granules, the longer the time frame, the finer the granules will be. If you were looking to use a drip coffee maker then you would want to use a course to medium sized granules; if your preference was espresso, then you would then need to use a finer, powder-like granule texture.

Let’s now take a look at some of the more popular coffee bean grinder models and brands:

Titan Burr Grinder:

The coffee bean’s aroma is best preserved when using a conical burr grinder; it uses less heat thereby allowing it to better protect the flavor and vital oils of the coffee beans. This coffee bean grinder provides for a very even quality of grind which is ideal for drip brew or espresso, due to the high precision conk-milled conical burrs that is comes with. Coffee lovers will truly appreciate this grinder’s 12 grind settings, ranging from coarse to fine as well as its 60-second timer. This grinder also comes with a 6-1/2 ounce ground coffee container that’s easily removable for easy clean up, and 8 ounce bean hopper, automatic shut-off, cord storage, durable ABS plastic housing.more detailed information on this post.

Kreps Burr Coffee Grinder:

This model has a 17 settings grind selector which allows you to choose from coarse to fine. It also contains “auto shut-off”, which will stop the machine once the grinding cycle has completed. It employs the Burr milling process, which produces lower heat for better flavor and aroma. This model allows you to choose from 2 to 12 cups of coffee, this way you minimize waste by selecting the right amount of beans to use.

cofee bean grinder

Black & Decker CBG100W Coffee Bean Grinder:

This model comes with stainless steel blades, for consistent performance and the “easy-touch” pulse control for quick custom grinds from fine to coarse. Modern design for today’s contemporary kitchens; The safety design prevents the unit from operating unless the lid is in place; Built-in cord storage. You can find more information about this and other grinders over at this site.

MR. COFFEE IDS77 Black Coffee Grinder:

The dimensions of this model are: Height 7″ X Width 3.5″ X Depth 3.5″. It has a 4-12 cup capacity for precision brewing; its grinding method is “Blade”; 3 grind settings for better precision- fine to coarse. Comes with a removable grinding chamber for easy pouring and minimal mess; A generous sized opening lid makes pouring and filling a breeze. It also comes with the Exclusive Chamber Maid Cleaning System which cleans the coffee bean grounds from the walls of the chamber.